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About Us

Country of Origin: Latvia

Velo Sock is an indoor bicycle cover brand, designed in Latvia.

Velo Sock’s aim is to prevent sand, mud and other debris from being brought into a room after a journey on a bicycle.

Velo Sock is especially suited for people who are fond of order original design items. It is also useful for families with children – for the dirt not to get on hands, in the mouth or respiratory tract of your child, put a Velo Sock on it before carrying it into the room!

It is made from elastic material and is suitable for almost all adult bicycles. It is available in different modern designs or prints to express your personality or give accent to your home interior. Using Velo Sock is easy and it takes less than 1 minute to put it on the bicycle. Taking care of Velo Sock is simple – just wash it in the washing machine.

Velo Sock is an excellent gift for friends while companies may present Velo Sock to their employees, clients and cooperation partners as a gift. Custom designs are available.

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