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About Us

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

ShoeLicks are the latest way to pimp up your high street heels Stand out from the crowd with the latest shoe accessory - shoe stickers that give your heels a soulful sole. You can now have multiple looks from just the one pair of heels by simply changing your ShoeLicks stickers. All ShoeLicks are durable to the weather, come as a one-size-fits-all, are easily removable and easy to use.

So get ready to Pimp your Heels for any occasion; add personality to your work look, stand out from the crowd at that wedding, peacock on your cheeky date or just pimp up your party heels for the dancefloor!

They also make the perfect gift to pop into a card for your fellow chicas for christmas stocking fillers, a warm fuzzy or to pop in with a birthday card... as they fit perfectly into a postcard sized envelope!

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