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About Us

Country of Origin: France

Finally a book-decor, smart and robust, designed to play with all the figurines that children have in large numbers. What the deal in all circumstances: pediatrician, restaurant, train. 100% made in France and more. Essential !
Children always have at hand or in their pockets, small plastic figurines to play and imagine fuss. On this basis, and because it is not always possible to embark wooden farm or garage in a nice train or the pediatrician, I imagined the book to Play!

It opens at 360 ° on 3 beautiful scenery, robust and tear-proof, to enable children to play alone or with others, of different age, with either their mini toys, either with cardboard characters included cutting. He closes like a book and slips into a purse to take anywhere. 8 subjects are offered: the farm, pirates, princes & princesses, school, camping, home and even the garage space! What appeal to larger numbers.

In addition, the book Playing is fully printed, illustrated and shaped in France, in solidarity.

From 3 years, with no age limit! To discover and to explore.

And also because the kids love coloring and we parents do not always know what to do with their masterpieces once we have hanging on the fridge, I have devised their 1st Coloring Play. This time, the children have a decor completely coloring a plastic spiral which clips their is provided and once finished, the lovely coloring turns into decor to play with is the little characters cardboard inclusive or their small figurines.

From 5 years, 5 themes are proposed: the beach, the classroom, the workshop of the garage, the yard and the room. Colored pencils or markers.