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About Us

Country of Origin: France

Traditional scarf in Cambodia, the Krama becomes the new Parisian fashion accessory. Krama Heritage matches chic and ethics by developing a social impact project in Cambodia.

The Krama is not a mere scarf. It has first of all many uses in everyday life in Cambodia, such as shading from the sun, carrying infants over the shoulder or being used as a towel. It has also more mind-bending uses such as being used as a rope for collecting firewood, defending oneself in the Khmer martial arts or as well cooking rice (see the pieces of advice of Mr. Chea’s, the héritiers’ guide). It has most of all a strong symbolic meaning as the scarf of belonging and the sign of recognition of the Khmer people.

Passed on as a cultural heritage in Cambodia for centuries, the Krama is worn by every Khmer. It bears the values of a whole people, made of dignity, courage, optimism and thirst for life. While Cambodia is today initiating the reconstruction of its society, it is us who inherit the Krama, the state of mind it embodies and who have the privilege to wear it side by side with the Khmers.

A humane project, Krama Heritage is the adventure of a whole community of héritiers, the bearers of the Krama. From Phnom Penh to Paris, and from Paris to London, New York or Saint Petersburg, the héritiers show their adherence to the project by being seen participating in photo shoots. Every héritier supports a local and social project in Cambodia: give work to a cooperative of weavers working in ethical conditions in a sewing shop in Phnom Penh. Also, by donating €3/€5 per Krama Heritage purchased to the charity Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (For a Child’s Smile), every héritier supports the schooling of children in Cambodia.

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