Why sell on PUREnCHIC?

Joining and setting up a shop on PUREnCHIC is free. There are currently no listing fees. 

Do I need a PayPal account to sign up?

To become a seller on, you need to provide a valid PayPal account. You won’t incur any charges until you open your shop and sell your first item.

The customers can pay through PayPal, e-check and with debit/credit card.

What can I sell on PUREnCHIC?

PUREnCHIC provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their designs. Vintage goods must be at least 20 years old. Both handmade and non-handmade crafters can sell their items via PUREnCHIC.

Categories such as Christmas are seasonal categories that will change accordingly. 

Permanent categories include Women, Men, Baby & Children, Jewellery, Homeware, Technology, Wedding, Gift and More (Food & Drink, Arts, Pets, Sewing & Crafts, Hobby & Sports, etc)

How do I pick a username and shop name? 

Your default shop name will be your username. Adding a shop name will allow you to promote your shop, using its unique name to redirect your buyers. Your username cannot be changed and will be necessary for certain features like signing into your account.

What makes you different from other platform?

First of all, PUREnCHIC is the only marketplace, which is selling Unique European Designs. PUREnCHIC focus on the quality of the products and promoting each designers, not only just the bestsellers.

PUREnCHIC don’t accept any merchant applications. All products must be unique and affordable.

What are your return policies?

You can set up your own return policies.

Buyers are more comfortable shopping with sellers who accept returns. PUREnCHIC have found that items that have clear return policies typically sell better than items that do not.

We require all sellers to specify a return policy, whether the policy is to accept returns or not. We encourage you to offer a buyer-friendly return policy.

PUREnCHIC have Terms and Conditions that you can add to your PUREnCHIC shop. We do suggest that you read through them and agree with the terms of your items being sold.

How do you market PUREnCHIC?

PUREnCHIC strives to promote our designers and products via different marketing channels including on and offline promotions that include running a regular newsletters for our designers, social media are updated daily with News, Item uploads and special discount and so on. PUREnCHIC also provide a Blog and Vlog about the latest styles, tips and gifts ideas. Information provided are for both buyers and sellers.

PUREnCHIC is working closely with a PR company and is providing their customers and sellers with video adverts for special occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

PUREnCHIC can promote your brand more specifically. Designers can apply for or send in a “designer's interview”, which may be published on PUREnCHIC's blog. PUREnCHIC can also promote your shop or items with featured banners via the homepage.

How much do you spend on advertising?

As PUREnCHIC grows, PUREnCHIC's advertising budget per calendar year and per month grows as well.

Who is PUREnCHIC’s target market?

PUREnCHIC is a London-based company that concentrates on the UK market for the moment, however we aim to target worldwide customers who like unique European products.

Can PUREnCHIC list my items for me?

PUREnCHIC can manage your online boutique at the cost of 20% instead of 10%.

Do I need professional images of my products to be accepted?

Clear, well lit and high quality images maximize sales for you. Images of products on mannequins or with black backgrounds do not work as well.

I am not a European-based business, can I still join?

Not currently. However, as PUREnCHIC continues to grow, we may include worldwide sellers.

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