About Us

Enrique Señor of The Camera Mr Big Smile
Simon The Money Guy Mr Romantic
Joanne Queen of the Kingdom  Little Miss flowery Dress
Francesca The Ginger Busy Bee Inventive, Short and Sarcastic
Dora Speedy Gonzales Social Media Señorita The Vegetable Lover
Rob The Technical Genius His wizardry keeps us online
Chloe The Creative Mademiselle Unique eyes for Talent as well as Miss Fabulous Boots

About us

The idea of PUREnCHIC was born in the mind of a traveller who sought uniqueness and style. After venturing to some of the world’s fashion capitals like New York, Tokyo and Paris, founder Joanne Chen finally settled down in London.

As time passed by the concept of PUREnCHIC evolved from a simple idea to the first of its kind online marketplace for independent and creative European designers and boutiques. The team consists mostly of an international and diverse mixture of young people from all over Europe. Our unique skills, passions and backgrounds have helped the start of something so special: PUREnCHIC.

What makes us stand out? We have made it our mission to look for items very different yet stylish that cannot be easily found. As we have all perhaps experienced, some of the best things can be hidden in a small family shop in the middle of nowhere. We get in touch with hand-picked shop owners in Europe and connect them with clients from all around the world.

We invite you to be part of our search for uniqueness!